At Dietz & Company Architects, the region's largest architectural firm, we are constantly reaching and growing. Having a team with such a wide range of talents and expertise allows us to design quality projects of every scope and size. Although our energetic staff draws inspiration from many sources, one thing excites us all: a challenge.

That's because at Dietz & Company Architects we are staffed by people who are, by nature, innovative thinkers. In fact, it's a prerequisite for working here. With a company culture rooted in growth and learning, we attract top performers who continuously aim for the next level. Our passion, high professional and ethical standards and camaraderie allow us to easily and consistently deliver more than people expect.

From the day Kerry Dietz started this firm more than 30 years ago, she wanted to ensure that the work she did would make a difference in the community. Even as additional staff and new communities have been added to the mix, Dietz & Company Architects has never faltered from that initial desire to create architecture that also serves. We are a company that pledges to be a responsible citizen in everything we do.